improve and rebuild your Business base to sky rocket your company.

improve and rebuild your Business base

What’s the most important factor to improve and rebuild your Business base to sky rocket your company.

The best and the first way to sky rocket your business base is to identify the most vulnerable area or department. Begin with, What kind of failures have occurred during recent or distant past, and importantly what triggered that event, pls note 📝 it step by step.

Try a mock drill of the adverse event which happened with exact people and circumstances.

Now Place some customised quality indicators, protocols, and written guidelines, with an automation software to monitor, further add some sensible senior staff as an immediate action. Monitor the progress, starting with a mock drill again.

The process seems pretty obvious but works well if done with precision. This will not only make the work flow seem less and monotonous but also improve the quality, minimising client frictions.

By Afzal Shaikh

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Control Room Number


Control Room Number

A 022-22700007 K West 022-26208388
B 022-23759023 P South 022-28780008
C 022-22197331 P North 022-28440001
D 022-23835004 R South 022-28054788
E 022-23797901 R North 022-28947350
F South 022-24177507 R Central 022-28947360
F North 022-24011380 L 022-26509901
G South 022-24219515 M East 022-25526301
G North 022-24210441 M West 022-25284000
H East 022-26635400 N 022-21010201
H West 022-26440121 S 022-25954000
K East 022-26847000 T 022-25694000